Carl Großmann

Carl Großmann was a German serial murderer who cannibalizes his victim. He took his own life away while he was awaiting execution without giving confession about his alleged crime leaving most of its details a mystery.

There is not much known about the early life of Carl Großmann, besides from his unusual sadistic sexual fetish and he also had several charges on child molestation.  On August 21, 1921, while he was in his mid-50s, he was arrested in Berlin after his neighbors reported about the screams and loud noises coming from his apartment.  The authorities investigated the apartment of Carl Großmann and found a dead body of a woman on the bed.  He was arrested and was charged with a first degree murder.

Some neighbors also testified that they usually saw Carl with female companions.  They also added that most women who visited his apartment were never seen again.

On World War 1, he had a hotdog stand and sold meat at the black market as a source of his income.  The hotdogs are believed to be made from the meat of his victim.  Bones and other parts that cannot be processed into an edible meat were thrown into the river.  The number of his victims cannot be verified as he did not give a full confession of his crimes.  The only victims the can verified is the body found when the police charged into his apartment and the bloodstains found which apparently belongs to three other victims.  All four incidents were believed to happen in just a few weeks.  Others believed that the victims could go as high as 50 individuals.

Carl Großmann was found guilty on the charges and was sentenced to death, but Carl committed suicide before the sentence could be carried out.


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