The original name of the Bulgarian vampire is called Opyrb, nowadays they were known as vapir.    During the old days the Bulgaria believed that the vampires originated from an improper burial and some death problems.   Before this they believe that a spirit went on a journey after they die.  They were guided by their guardian angel on their journey to the place that they visited when they are still alive.  The journey is set to complete on their 40th days upon their death.  After their journey is finish, they will now travel to the next life.

But in some instances that the burial rites were not completed, the path toward the afterlife will be blocked causing the spirit to be trapped.  Based on the tradition, family members are required to complete the rituals of their deceased family member.  If they neglect their responsibilities like failing to guard the remains against the random animals that might jump over the coffin, or they did not properly washed the remains, then the person is doomed to return as a vampire.  They also believe that those who died of a terrible accident will be a vampire.  Those who were excommunicated by the church and people who lived a life of sin are also the perfect recipe for turning into a vampire.

These types of vampires have assumed a normal life.  Aside from their night feeding, they would generally appear normal.  Some of them went in a far away village and started a new life.  Some of them acquired a new job and are happily married now.

The belief about the Opyrb grew weaker and weaker as the government takes a firm stand on fighting this traditional culture.


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