Ravana, the King of Sri Lanka

According to an Indian legend, Ravana is the name of the King of Lanka.  He was known to be god-fearing and a ruler of a rich kingdom.  He is also smart and brave; he is described as having the skill and ability to use any type of weapons.  The story said that only Lord Shiva has the skill to kill him.

Ravana was also blessed with the ability of flight and remain invisible to the naked eye.  The king can also control the elements of water and fire as he can command it to rain water or fire.  Surprisingly he can also order the sky to rain arrows.

But despite of all these gifts, Ravana continued to be a pleasure seeker.  There came a time when she used his abilities and skills for his own gain which made him lustful, unjust and erratic in the process.  Eventually the king was so engulfed with corruption that he gave up his humanity and transformed into a demon.

The demon was depicted as having 10 heads and 20 arms that became the ruler of rakshasas.  Upon gaining his demon form, he immediately felt the lust for blood.  He was compelled to drink the human blood.  He also maintains some of his abilities including the shape shifting ability.  He also has insurmountable strength that he can split mountains using only his bare hands.

Like Sekhmet (Egyptian God) he can also destroy human soul.  On top of this Ravana has also a speed regenerative process.  There is only one vulnerable part of Ravana, which is his heart.  Any normal attack that penetrates the heart of Ravana would prove to be fatal.  But he can be eventually restored by pouring blood into his mouth.


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