The Nightmare Death of 11 sailors

It is like the attack of Freddy Krueger on nightmare on Elmstreet when 11 Filipino sailors died due to a nightmare.  It was 1960 when the US Naval Hospital found in Guam summoned Dr. Gonzalo Aponte to investigate the bizarre death of 11 sailors.  These 11 Filipino sailors are said to be complaining about nightmares before they died inexplicably on their sleep.

This is the time that Aponte found reports about SUND (Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death) that can be traced back to 1917.  Though Aponte was able to connect the bizarre death of the 11 sailors he was unable to form a concrete conclusion about their deaths caused by nightmares.

During the Early 20th century, an American anthropologist wrote about a creature that is quite similar to an Alp. A Lim-um can cause a person to experience nightmare by sitting on their chest and stomach causing suffocation.  A similar English vampire creature known as mare is also believed to suffocate their victims while sleeping.

The case that happened to the 11 Filipino sailors is somehow similar to the vampire attack that happened during the medieval period.  They said that they have been experiencing nightmares for a number of nights until they finally died during their sleep.  Most of the Eastern vampire would drain the energy of their victim while they were sleeping.  These victims would complain about nightmares and the vampire creature would return every night feeding on their life energy until they die.

The case of the 11 Filipino sailors is not the only case of death due to nightmare.   In 1980, 18 Laotian refugees died under the same circumstances.


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