Talamaur is a living vampire found in the island of Banks which is located in the country of Vanuatu.  It is said that they have the ability to communicate with the other side or the spiritual world giving them the ability to contact the deceased and establish a relationship with them.  They claimed that they were able to control those spirits and sent them like a familiar that can affect the lives of the living people.

There was a record on the said island regarding the fate of someone who was suspected of being a talamaur.  The villagers captured him and he was forced to inhale the smoke of the leaves burning.  Apparently he continued to be on that state until he agreed to confess that it was indeed the controller of the spirit.  He will then have to declare the names of those spirits and the name of those people he intended to victimize.

There was another type of talamaur that do not have the ability to control the spirits of other, but he can control his own spirit.  This type of talamaur claimed that he can command his soul to descend and venture to a house of his victim.  The soul of this talamaur was believed to suck the life force of their victim, which is similar to mot Asian vampires.

The talamaur can be discovered through the rustling noise near the corpse and also the screeching of the door.  They said that if someone wishes to be a talamaur, he needs to feed on the corpse to have a certain tie with the soul of the decease.  If someone was able to inflict damage on the ghost controlled by the talamaur, the bruises and scars would appear to the master.


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