Gwrach Y Rhibyn

Gwrach Y Rhibyn is a vampiric fay in the legends of Wales.  It is described to have two different forms.  The first appearance that the creature takes is an old hunchback wearing a green cloak.  While wearing the cloak, the face of Gwrach Y Rhibyn cannot be seen.  Only darkness inside the cloak is visible to the naked eye.  Another form is that the being under the green cloak looks so hideous a mere sight on the face under the cloak can drive you mad due to its extreme ugliness.
There is also a string of drool that hangs in either the corner of its mouth.  The drool can be saliva or a blood.  It is also said to have only one nostril, a protruding tooth similar to a tusk, webbed hands and feet, a green skin, thin, a long barbed tongue and gray hair.  It was also believed to have a pair of bath wings that he hides on his side.

Gwrach Y Rhibyn commonly attacks the more vulnerable people like children, elderly, bedridden people and while the victims are sleeping.  Their manner of attack is similar to other type of vampire, it sucks their blood but not to the point that they will die.  They tend to return to the same victim every night, taking a little amount of blood enough to maintain their existence.  Eventually the victim will weaken and die.

This creature lurks secluded area and waterways.  Gwrach Y Rhibyn can apparently tell if a man with pure Welsh blood will die.  It will be invisible and search for that person and guide them until they reach the crossroads.  The creature would then warn the person about his impending death.  The person would then turn insane after the sight of the creature.


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