Vilkacis is known as a sprit savage who possess an individual and take control of his will afflicting him with his savage nature.  Vilkacis is a werewolf that is a part of the Latvian and Lithuanian culture.  It is also called Vilkatas or Vilkatis depending on the region.  This is also the creature blamed for clinical lycanthropy.

There are different stories that described a Vilkacis.  There are instances when he was described as a spirit that takes control of a human being and there are also stories that depict them as a human that undergoes a transformation.  There is also a legend that tells a story of a sleeping man that was possessed by the spirit of the Vilkacis.  After sometime the sleeping man turned out to be dead making it impossible for the soul to return to its original host.  Occasionally, the Vilkacis would also bring back treasure from it long journey.

Unlike other types of werewolf wherein you have to be cursed in order to be one, turning into vilkacis does not require that or even a bite of werewolf.  They said that you can turn into a vilkacis by going under a tree that is forming an arc during the full moon.  But it is not explain on how you can return to your human form.  Latvia has a different interpretation on how you can turn into Vilkacis.  Like European werewolf, Latvia believes that you need to possess a wolfskin in order to become one.

This creature also does not seem to possess regenerative ability as it retain the injuries that it acquired during the time that he is a vilkacis.  Latvia also believes that only women can turn into Vilkacis, a woman had to strip off her clothes and hide it in a place that is impossible to see for when someone touches that clothes they would remain in the form of a wolf for nine years.


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