The Country of Pomerania is once located between Germany and Poland.  It is where the vampire Murraue originated.  A Murraue is considered a type of Alp which is the vampire creature of Germany.  But the Murraue possess distinct qualities that set them apart from the other vampires of that region.

Naturally, a person who was born on a Saturday will become a vampire, but this time a person who was born on a Sunday will become a Murraue.  They also believe that a person whose eyebrows are grown together is also destined to become a Murraue.

There were times that a needle of a pine tree will curve as they grow.  It also forms something that resembles a bird’s nest.  When the rain comes, water will start to gather on those tiny needles and if a person walk underneath those pine tree and water from that needle falls on his head, then he has been marked to be the next victim of the murraue.

The murraue vampire attacks during the night when most of the people are asleep.  They will torment their victim by first instilling fear on them and putting pressure on the victim’s feet.  The murraue will slowly move to their chest then to their head causing their body to paralyze completely.

Then they will start to sexually assault the person while draining their life energy in the process.  The only way he can get rid of the murraue’s attack is if he can call the name of this vampiric creature while he is still a normal human being.  It is also known to be vulnerable to sunlight; the sunlight can harm him and eventually kill him if he was exposed for a longer period of time.


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