Robert Ackermann

Dubbed as the Cannibal of Vienna, Robert Ackermann and his heated argument over a sex porn tape led to the murder of his friend and 2-day supply of meat.  While most of the common cases of cannibalism consist of blood drinking and ritualistic type of eating, his motive seems to be unplanned and jus resulted from his twisted way of thinking.  Though it was proven that Ackerman is experiencing sexual pleasure in this type of crimes, it was discovered that the incident is not premeditated.

Ackerman lives in a facility for the mentally ill and homeless in Vienna.  He shares his room with the 49 year old Josef Schweiger who has been residing there for quite some time.  The social worker who constantly visited the facility does not seem to be bothered at all to the feud that is happening between the two.  But the neighbor started to see the erratic behavior of Ackerman.  They reported him walking around the facility naked and dumping something on his window that appears to be blood.  He would also go outside the facility and howl on the moon while he is naked.

He is known to be friendly and intelligent at his younger age, but it seems that when his father abandoned his family, the incident took a toll on his innocent mind.  He started to hear voices on his head and at the young age of 15 he started to become a drug dependent.

He was arrested in Vienna prior to the incident of cannibalism, where he disguised himself as a doctor, hoping that he would take the chance to participate in the operating table.  Witnessing and doing a surgery has always been his dream as a child.


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