Werewolf of Padua

Job Fincel recorded a werewolf incident in his work Wunderscheiz en, which means “On Miracles”.  The event happened in Italy during the year 1541 in the city of Padua, thus the man was called the Werewolf of Padua.

A man attacked a group of men when he met them on a rural field.  It was said that the man was so strong that he managed to kill some of the men using only his bare teeth and hand.  The remaining men were able to restrain him.  They tied the vicious man and dragged him to the court of Inquisition where most of the trials on witches are being conducted.

Upon interrogation, the man immediately confessed that he is a wolf.  One of the inquisitors doubted his statement; he was asked about his wolf skin if he is indeed a wolf man.  The man answered and told the inquisitors that he was unlike any other wolf man; he hid her fur between his muscles and skin making it invisible to the naked eye.

The inquisitors decided to test the claim of the alleged wolf man.  If he is truly a werewolf then he would be sentenced into an execution that is fit for a werewolf, if he turns out to be a madman the court would set him free.

But unfortunately, the test includes hacking his arms and legs, to prove that his fur coat can be found in between his skin and muscle.  The alleged werewolf was bounded and his body parts were dismembered.  The inquisitors discovered that there was no fur present in between his skin.  The man (still alive) was bleeding on the floor when the inquisitors declared him innocent of being a werewolf, the court would turn him into a surgeon and be released.

Few moments later, the man was declared dead for losing too much blood.


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