Creature sucking sheep’s blood

Experts are conducting a research on a farm near Moscow after a farmer lost half of his sheep.  Upon investigation it turns out that the cause of death of the sheep is due to the loss of blood.  A mysterious creature has been preying on the blood of the sheep and leaving their flesh.

Vasily Velikodnev told the media that it was 7:00 am in the morning when he went to the sheep pen only to discover 18 of his sheep died.  Most of them have a noticeable leg injury, some of them have torn ligaments on legs and others have their legs broken and twisted.  They also have puncture wounds and it appears as if they have been drained out of blood.

The next day the workers noticed that more sheep were not responding normally and looks ill.  The farm manager decided to slaughter the sheep because they fear that they might have contracted a disease.  There were a total of 33 sheep that has been killed on the mysterious attack.

The sanitary office inspected the meat and upon declaring that the meat is safe to consume, the farm manager fed it to his dogs.  The farm workers are a little puzzled about the attacker of the sheep.  They shot stray dogs that are lurking within the vicinity even though they are convinced that a dog will never do such a thing.  Sheep are known to be strong runners and dogs would eventually grow weary in chasing them.

Experts said that the torn ligaments could be caused by a bite of a bat however there are no known species of a bat that can break the legs of sheep.  Whatever caused the mass killing of sheep on the period of just two nights remains to be unsolved up to this day.


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