Samodiva is a vampiric wood nymph.  They are part of the vampire culture of Bulgaria.  They appear to be young women with long flowing hair and were often sighted with wings.  This vampiric nymph commonly wear a simple dress accentuated with a green belt designed with a feather and a quiver and bow that hangs on their back.  They were believed to dwell on the natural caves and old trees.

This vampiric nymph can wield the power of the different elements.  They also have the ability to fly.  Occasionally, the samodiva would patrol the woods while riding a stag and with a live snake fastened on her.  A samodiva is particularly angry with hunters, should she came across to one, she would decapitate his head that will serve as her trophy and drain him of his blood.  If by any chance the hunter managed to escape the samodiva, they nymph will cause drought on his village.

If you happen to see a samodiva dancing at night, you will not be able to resist the temptation to dance with her.  You will enjoy the whole night dancing with her, but as the morning comes, the samodiva will be all alone, those who dance with her vanished into thin air and will never be seen ever again.

A Serbian myth about a samodiva tells a story of a vampiric nymph named Villa who raised a prince and nursed him with her own breast.  The prince acquired a supernatural power which was developed due to the caring of a samodiva.  He also gained control of a winged horse which he rides and a step sister named Gyura which is also a samodiva.


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