The Werewolf Witch of Estonia

During the period of 1610-1659, there were around 100 witch trials held in Estonia. What is interesting is that the Baltic People who generally occupy the place do not really believe in demons and witches.  They do believe in the use of magic, but they commonly think that the magic can only use for the good of many.  What the Estonian firmly believes during that time is the existence of werewolf and being a shape shifter that time is punishable by death.  In effect most of the people accused of being a werewolf were placed in the said witch trial and considered as witches by the government.

During that period, there was once a trial that involves 18 women and 13 men; all of them are accused of being a witch.  They were also blamed for the damages in the cattle industry of the farmers in the nearby region.  They were subjected to inhumane and sadistic torture before they admitted that they can indeed shape shift in a form of a wolf.  When they were asked where they are hiding their wolf skin, they said that they are hiding it under a rock.  But in order to prove their accusation, the accused had to confess that they indeed made a pact with the devil.  Apparently with some torturing they managed to squeeze the fact that they did sign an agreement with the demon which gave them their ability to shape shift.

But there was one particular case in Estonia where the people who were accused of being a werewolf were given a lighter punishment.  This was during the Thiess trial and the Benandanti werewolves who claimed that they were the hounds of God and the opponent of the witches.


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