Emilie Sagee

Emilie Sagee worked in an all-girl school.  She was known to be a very good educator but for some reason, she keeps on switching jobs.  In her 16 years of works she managed to move at 19 positions.  In an incident that everyone witnessed (except for Emilie) the school found out the reason why.

13 students inside the class witness a phantom standing side by side with Emilie mirroring her every movement.  It then stood behind her while she ate pantomiming her.  Everyone else could see her “doppelganger twin” except for her.  Usually when the apparition manifested, Emilie would seem to be powerless and sloppy. At one time, Emilie claimed that she was thinking about the movement and thought that she might have the control to the apparition.

The scope of the event grow wider and wider, as the phantom moved from the other class.  It appeared in a classroom full of students.  It took a sit on the teacher’s table while the real Emilie is tending the garden outside.  Those who found the courage to approach the “spectral” found out that they can passed through it but its texture reminded them of a thick fabric.

Eventually, the apparition became a normal incident at the campus.  Some of the parent’s of the girls decided to transfer their kids to other school fearing them of their safety.  Due to this development, the school officials had no other choice than to fire her even though she was deemed as a model employee.

Vampires had the ability to steal the identity or copy the appearance of a person.  They have this shape shifting ability that enables them to lure victims.  Could the case of Emilie Sagee be one of them?


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