The Angel of Death in U.S.

Based on the previous written article, we all know that Dr. Josef Mengele has been involved in some activities on the Nazi ground such as reviving the dead and gene alteration.  He also experimented on mind control and other cases that can be attributed to zombification.  But what happened to him after the war?

Dr. Josef Mengele assumed the name Dr. Green and contributed in forming MK-Ultra.  He was known to work side by side to Dr. White (Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron).  MK-ULTRA funded the research of Cameron on mind control experiments and other secret testing.

Dr. Cameron has been interested in the experiments performed on the prisoners of the Nazi by the Germans.  He also worked for the CIA in the field that requires manipulation.  He was also involved in Project Bluebird and project Artichoke and eventually on MK ULTRA.

Those that know Dr. Cameron said that he was obsessed on everything that is related to the human mind and behavior.  He would often find ways on how to control one’s tentative thinking.  He also performed lobotomy and shock treatments.  Most of the projects of MK-ULTRA are focused on brain-washing and mind manipulation.

Dr. Cameron would then relocate their experiments with the help of a CIA authority named Allan Dulles.  Their office became a center of brain-butchery.  Many of those experiments performed in that lab were inhumane and too extreme that most of the patients died.

But what happened to those who survive; those whose mind was successfully altered?  Some says that those groups of people are still lurking within the area.  With no more master to control them, they continuously attack random people and attack them as a way to survive.


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