Werebeast of Swamp Indians

The account of the werebeast of the swamp Indians was told by Alyne A. Pustanio and was written in the works of Brad Steiger.  The story is about a swamp trapper scaring the people of the village while wearing a skin of the animals and pretending to be a werewolf.  The man was caught and given to the Indian Shaman of Louisiana.  It was said that due to the curse that the Indian Shaman placed to him, the man became an authentic werewolf.  They called the werewolves, the Rugarou (Loup-garou)

During the ancient time, there were a tribe known for its great warriors who owns a large area of the land, they were the Attakapas tribe.  The attakapas tribe is known for cannibalizing their enemies and a tribe who possess super human strength.  But there were different rumors about this tribe on how they became so powerful.  Legends say that these tribes are skin-walkers; yes they are a pack of werewolves.

Attakapa means Man-eater, they are known for eating their captives thus they were named as such.  In 1700’s the tribe of Attakapa was defeated by two tribes, only a handful of them survived.  Fearing for their safety, the survivor went to the swamp.  But after finding out that they are members of the Attakapa, the villagers did not welcome them and let them starve to death during the cold winter nights.

Legend says that the dark spirit engulf the surviving Attakapa and gave them the power to shape shift and started to prey on humans.  The members of the tribe who defeated them usually ended up as the victim. Today, the only surviving tribe is the Chitimacha, but the terror of the Rugarou beasts is still fresh on their mind especially during the long winter period.


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