National Geographic Television Series Caught the Sound and Video of a SkinWalker?

Navajo is known for its paranormal incident particularly the popularity of the Skin Walkers.  National Geographic television series entitled “Navajo Cops” allegedly captured the image and sound of a skin walker that the locals called “The Howler”

The episode tackles about the Navajo policemen investigating stuff regarding a sound that allegedly capture the howler.  Though some may say that the mysterious sound came from the Big Foot, others firmly believe that it came from a Skin Walker.  The skin Walker is a malevolent spirit of a werewolf that is part of the legend of the Navajo tribe.

The episode entitled “Eyes of the Howler” relays about the pursuance of the officer in discovering the mysterious sound in the audio.  The officers were led to the back county where SWAT allegedly encountered the “howl”.  They tracked the noise that led them to a cave, where the video caught a glimpse of a set of red eyes.

The supervising producer of the series gave a statement about the episode:
  “I’m supervising producer on the series. I wasn’t with the crew that shot the Howler footage… but I can tell you that cameramen and producers were thoroughly spooked. Not only did they hear the weird howling -which freaked them out – they all saw this pair of eyes watching them from a small cave… and the eyes disappeared by the time the police arrived there. I don’t know how to explain the phenomena (and there may be dozens of ‘ordinary’ explanations) but I do know that the traditional Navajo officers were convinced they had encountered, heard and seen a Skinwalker, with the results caught on tape.”


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