Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that is usually found inside cats and most warm blooded species. It was able to penetrate the cats from the rats that are common part of their meal. The parasite would change the behavior of the rat by making it friendlier with the cat, leaving it defenseless on the attack of the cat.

After it successfully entered the cat, the parasite would multiply inside the animal. The cats are the only known host where the Toxoplasma gondii can sexually multiply.

The parasite can also enter the human species. It also has an effect on the behavior of its host. In male they tend to disassociate themselves from the society (which maybe a reason for the emo’s) while infected females tend to be more affectionate toward their partner.

This parasite has also been associated to different neurological diseases such as schizophrenia. However, the effect of this remains limited.

They enter the human body when a person usually consumes raw meats, when they normally drink unpasteurized milk, if their body is in usual contact with soil, if they eat vegetables and fruits that are not washed or when cleaning the cat litter box.

The parasite is known to be fast in adapting to its environment. If a certain parasite who possess an uncanny behavior in adaptation has penetrated our body, it’ll only be a time before it can affect and control our way of thinking. Imagine if their effects on rodents are the same as the effects on human, the world will be infested with people who are not in control of their body.


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