The Werewolf of Zarnow

Zarnow is a small village found in the Opoczno County in Germany, and we all know that Germany has a rich culture of werewolves. One incident about a werewolf happens in an area near Zarnow in the year 1831. It is said that a terrible werewolf went loose that cause great suffering on the people of Zarnow and to their livelihood. The werewolf was believed to come from the woods nearby; it started killing cattle and humans when it reached the village. There was even one account that the creature ripped a child into pieces with its sharp claws and vicious teeth.

It came a time when the villagers had enough of the terror of the werewolves that they decided to form a group that would hunt the supposed werewolf. The group is usually composed of the peasant of the village. On one occasion the group chased the werewolf and managed to corner it. The enraged villagers were so furious that they were prepared to kill the werewolf. 

However, right before their very eyes, the werewolf allegedly changed into a human form, taking the appearance of a tall man with a club on his hand. It seems like the werewolf can trick the people in believing that he is one of them. 

According to the story, it is not clear whether they really saw a werewolf. It is possible that they just saw a shadow figure that they mistaken to be a werewolf; and when they chased him they only concluded that he was able to take the appearance of a human but they never really saw it changed.


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