Died from the bite of a vampire bat

A Mexican migrant worker became the first ever person to die from the bite of a vampire bat. Center for Disease Control warn the public that the bats might be spreading all over the country.

The 19 year old Mexican was bitten by vampire bat with rabies on his heel on the 15th of July 2010. He was already bitten in Michoacan Mexico before he went to the United States and work for a plantation of sugar cane in Louisiana.

The Center for Disease Control confirmed on their report that he is the very first person in the United States to die due to the rabies of a vampire bat. The teenager started to felt sick 2 weeks after the bat bit him, unfortunately he was not able to acquire a vaccination against rabies. Compared to the normal case which has incubation period of 85 days this incident of rabies is somewhat rabid since it only took 15 day.

Prior to his death, the victim shows symptoms that he has indeed contracted rabies. He complained about shoulder pain, fatigue, numbness of muscles and dropping of left eye. He also has difficulty in breathing and a fever.

On a post mortem result, he was diagnosed that he died due to rabies. CDC confirms that the brain tissue confirmed "the variant to be a vampire bat rabies virus variant."

Though most of the similar vampire bats can be found in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, they still warned the public about the danger of the vampire bat cause there is a possibility that the bats were expanding due to climate change.


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