Vampires in Poland

Four suspected “vampire” remains were found by a group of Archaeologist in a construction site in Gliwice in the southern part of Poland.    Their head is decapitated and placed between their legs.  The skeletons which was discovered on July 13, 2013 undergo a traditional burial practices to ensure that a suspected undead would no longer rise from its grave and torment its family and the villagers.

The archaeologist claimed that the remains dated long before the year of 1914. They are actually unsure on the exact date of the burial since no personal belongings were found inside the casket to tell what time the incident happened.

Analysis was conducted by the experts and stated that these rituals of repelling vampire are common for Slavic areas due to the widespread of Christianity.  Normally people who were suspected of becoming a vampire would have their head decapitated or hanged and kept it hanging until their head separated from their body.

On July 22, 2013, more suspected vampires are found in Poland.    The number of corpses found with their head dismembered rose to roughly 17.  Stones were also placed on top of the skulls to ensure that they would not return from the walking life.  There are all in all 43 graves found within the area where gallows are used to be located.

The bodies will undergo a further analysis on the hands of the experts.  Furthermore historians would browse to the old archives of church and try to locate if there’s any evidence to this mass executions of suspected vampires.


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