The Earl of Desmond (Gearoid Larla Fitzgerald)

A castle used to stand in Limerick County in Ireland that overlooks Lough Gur (Loch Gair).  The castle is inhabited by a count who claimed that he is a scholar and a sorcerer.  Whenever he would perform his magical rituals, the Count would do it in a closed room without anyone seeing him.  He also prohibited anyone from entering the room or from disturbing him during this time.

One time, his wife begged him to allow her to watch the ceremony, eventually the Count agreed under a strict provision that she would not make any sound regarding of what she will see during the ritual.  The wife agreed to the condition and the Count began his magical rituals.

The Earl of Desmond started to shape shift in different form.  After some time, the earl assumed a horrifying creature that his wife couldn’t help but scream.  It was said that her scream could be heard throughout the castle and nearby land.  But her scream resulted to a catastrophic event.  The castle began to shake and sink deep into the lake.  No one was able to survive the event.

But it was believe that the Earl who took a vampire form occasionally leave his watery castle to find a young adult that he can bring to his castle.  Their life energy would be drained through a sexual intercourse. The Earl of Desmond is required to live a cursed life until the day that everything will return to the way it was before.


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