Chef Survives after Falling 50 ft and Landing on a Concrete Pavement

Daniel Walker, 20 years old and a Chef has been dubbed as a superhuman by the doctors after surviving a 50 ft. fall and landing on a concrete ground. Walker fell down from his balcony and into the concrete pavement. Though he suffered a broken ribs, head and kidney injuries, fractured spine etc Walker is still alive.

He went into a heart surgery that lasted for nine hours to fix his main arteries, and also a 12 hour muscle grafting. Doctors gave him a 30 percent chance to survive. However, after only a month of recovery, Walker was back on his feet.

Daniel who himself couldn’t believe that he is still alive up to this day shared the experience to the press. He said he kept on looking at his photo while he is in the hospital and it is really impossible for him to survive considering the magnitude of the incident.

Doctors in the hospital called him superhuman as he wanted to take a walk after a mere two weeks after the accident happened. Daniel was with her girlfriend when the accident happened. She took him in her arms and rushed him to the hospital where he went into a life saving surgery. He went into an induced coma and woke up 5 days later.

He said he couldn’t feel any pain and thought that he is dead. Today Walker is still in the process of recuperating and he has been taking his daily exercise in order to get back to his full shape.

Walker has indeed defiled the norm.


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