The Zombie Lady of Haiti

One of the most famous zombies on Haiti was Felicia Felix-Mentor. Zora Neale Hurston reported the case of Felix-Mentor. They said that she was so drugged that he would not even feel if a lighted cigarette was placed in her mouth. She is in terrible shape, all her eye lashes had fallen out and she wore rags and walks the street barefooted. Felix-Mentor hated the sunlight; she would immediately cover if a ray of sunlight touches her skin.

The presence of Felix-Mentor attracted many visitors including those of the Mentor family. The Mentor noticed that she resembles that of their deceased family member Felicia. The family without knowing that it is really Felicia took her in.

They sent her to a state hospital to receive an immediate treatment but despite of efforts to bring her back to normal, she died a week later. Felicia spoke in a monotone and emotionless way due to the effect of drugs. They also claimed that Felicia laughed with no emotion at all. Whenever referring to herself, she would never use the word “I” and she does not seem to be aware of her surroundings.

The zombie during that time was created using the tetrodotoxin of the puffer fish. Doctors were saying that the woman’s identity is in question. Furthermore they said that the woman is just schizophrenic and not zombified. 

The case of Felicia Felix-mentor is the same as the case of Clairvius Narcisse. They said that practice about zombification increased during the rule of the dictator Duvalier.


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