Roland Henry Tammen, Jr.

The case of the disappearance of Roland Henry Tammen Jr. has got to be one of the most baffling and bizarre cases of disappearance in the history of mankind. A sophomore student of the Miami University located in Oxford, Roland Henry Tammen Jr. worked at the Fisher hall as a resident adviser.

On April 19, 1953, Roland discovered a dead fish on his bed thus he requested the dorm mother for a new bed sheet. Moments after, he apparently heard something that disturbed him outside of his room. Roland supposedly left to investigate the source of the noise but he never returned.
Roland left all of his belongings and valuables in the university. His car was also left inside the campus together with the keys and his wallet; and even though the weather that night is chilling, Roland decided to leave his jacket.

Now for an eerie turn out of events, later that night a woman that resides 12 miles away from the dorm claimed that a young man that matched the description of Roland came to her. He appears to be disoriented and asked what town he is in. He also asked the woman on the direction to the bus stop. Prior to this, there were no signs of Roland having a mental disorder. Five months earlier he went to the coroner’s office for a test to have his blood type.

Fisher Hall where Roland worked is used to be a mental asylum. The residence was demolished on 1978. The disappearance of Roland remains a mystery.


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