Vampire Pumpkin

1930s and 1940s when T. P. Vukavonic, a researcher studied the belief of the Lesani Gypsies in Serbia regarding on a vampire creature for his work “The Vampire”. Included in the work is the alleged belief of the gypsies about the vampire pumpkin. Though that is still up for a debate, others claimed that the gypsies made that story right on that moment and they were just teasing Vukavonic. Nonetheless, the legend of the vampire Pumpkin has made its way to the legend of the vampire creatures.

In Serbia, the Lesani Gypsies believe that if you keep a pumpkin inside your home for a time that exceeds 10 days, or by keeping it inside ones home after the Christmas Day will cause the pumpkin to turn into a Vampire Pumpkin.

Like the human vampire, the vampire pumpkin will retain its normal state right before its spoiling. It will maintain its original color, shape and size. Thankfully, the vampire pumpkin does not directly attack the human. However, it pours blood and roll on the floor creating an annoying sound, making it the least harmless vampire creature but one of the most annoying one.

To vanquish a vampire pumpkin, someone has to follow a very precise instruction. First, the vampire pumpkin must be boiled using water and the water must be thrown after it. The vampire pumpkin must then be scrubbed using a whisk broom and the pumpkin must be immediately discarded. After that the broom used in scrubbing the pumpkin must be burned.


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