Modern Day Vampire Slayers?

On the 12th of March 2004, Police arrested Timothy White for shooting his co-worker two times at a pizza delivery house.  He’s a born-again Christian obsessed with vampires and zombies.  Apparently he has this belief that he is a vampire slayer and that the person he shot was a vampire.   Fortunately someone was able to witness White going out of that store.  When he asked White about his reason of being there he said he was hunting vampires.

When he was taken in the police custody, the police discovered some lethal armaments such as knife, shotgun and pistols. David Harrison was apparently a long time friend of Timothy White.  Harrison was able to survive the attack and White was charged with aggravated battery.

A similar incident of supposed vampire slaying happened in Colorado on 2001.  Kirk Palmer who is 28 years old when the incident happened killed Antonia Vierira with a shotgun.  It seems as if Palmer believed that his girlfriend has turned into an undead because of Vierira.  He was arrested and placed into trial but was found out suffering from schizophrenia.  He confessed to a psychologist that 4 days prior to the attack he noticed a splinter on his girlfriend’s thumb and removed it.  He said that Vierira appeared after and claimed that his girlfriend is now a member of his vampire circle.  He was so angry that he decided to kill Vierira.

After the crime, Palmer went to Canada to cleanse his soul.  He was found not guilty and was ordered to undergo a treatment on a Mental Asylum.


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