Sipho William Mdletshe

In 1993, Sipho William Mdletshe met a tragic car accident. He was declared death that instant and was taken into the mortuary. He was then placed in a metal box as any other dead would be. Little did they know that the 24 year old man was not really dead, he was just unconscious brought by the mishap that happened to him.

Mdletshe lied in the metal box for 2 straight days and 2 long nights in Johannesburg while her loved ones mourned for his death. After that, Mdletshe woke up screaming for help.  Everyone was shocked even the people in the mortuary that released him.

Mdletshe was so happy that he was alive. He rushed to the house of her fiancé to tell her about the good news. But the fiancé rejected the South African man thinking that he was a zombie who came back to life to torment her.

In an interview with Sunday Times, he said that realizing that he was inside a coffin occurred to him gradually. He started to panic and created noise to alarm the people.  Thankfully the people in the mortuary were able to hear him and set him free.

He further stated that he was happy to know that he isn’t dead, but unfortunately, he is heartbroken, since the fiancé who was with her in the time of his accident did not believe that he is alive and thought that he already turned into a zombie.

So is the case of Sipho William Mdletshe, a case of a wrongly declared death or another tale of someone returning to life? Could the suspicion of his fiancé be true or the belief on zombie in her family is just too strong?


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