German Vampire Cult

On March 31, 2010, different press organization from Germany reported about the rise of a vampire Cult said to be inspired by the popular series Vampire Diaries. The group of blood drinkers is said to be composed of approximately 150 members. The German press said that by drinking blood, this group apparently experienced a sensation similar to having sexual interaction. Some of them also believe that by drinking their blood or the blood of the others, they feel like their strength is increasing.  They also believe that their intelligence and health has improved immensely.

Rafael, 39 years of age who lived in Regensburg is a member of the cult. He claimed that there are around 150 members who are currently in Germany. He said that there is an easy way to distinguish their members, and that is through a mark which is similar to a wound from a razor blade.

Some of them would drink the blood from a glass while Rafael prefers to drink it directly from the wound. The blood is said to contain the life force of an individual. He said that he loves the taste of blood and make sure that he can have a taste of it at least three times a week.

Rafael who is a computer technician by day, confessed that he and the other meetings conducted a regular meeting but make sure that they undergo a HIV test. In 2004, Rafael was sentenced to do a community service for attacking a young boy and attempting to suck his blood.

He claimed that he was just drunk at that time and not in his lucid mind. He assures the press that he is a changed man now.


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