Jarrod Wyatt

An American cage fighter ripped out the still beating heart of his training partner fearing that he might be possessed by the evil. Jarrod Wyatt also cut out the tongue of his training partner and cut his face in a disturbing way that police described it as an incident similar to a scene in a horror movie.

The 26 year old cage fighter was seen naked in front of the mutilated body of his friend. Some parts of his training partner were splattered on the ground with the blood including an eyeball. Wyatt claimed that he drank a tea which was infused with a hallucinogenic substance causing him to think that his friend is possessed by the demon.

Powell, who was 21 years of age, bled to death upon his heart was ripped out. According to the investigation, Powell was still alive when the suspect cut open his chest using a knife and took out his heart that is still beating. Wyatt then threw the heart and other organs that he removed from his friend into the fire. He had to do this in order to stop the devil that possessed his friend.

The police was summoned on the scene by another friend of Wyatt upon seeing a sudden change in his action when they ingested a wild mushroom tea. The defense team claimed that Wyatt is not responsible for the crime and only committed the gruesome murder due to the effect of the wild mushroom and he is not in control of his action.

Wyatt was charged with first degree murder and torture.


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