Russel Eugene Weston Jr.

Russel Eugene Weston Jr. stormed the U.S. Capitol on the 24th of July, 1998 and killed 2 cops in the process. He told the court that he attacked the capitol in order to prevent the United States from being conquered by a horde of cannibals and an unknown disease.

He told them that if he hadn’t come to Washington, he would’ve been affected by the disease he called the Black Heva, he claimed it as the most deadliest disease known to mankind. He said that he went to the capitol to gain access to the “ruby Satellite”. He believed that the device was being kept safe at the senate and it is the only way to stop the cannibals. He even told the doctors that he shot the two officers because they are cannibals who are stopping him from gaining access to the satellite.

Neighbors of the accused often stayed away from him. They think he is an odd and eccentric individual. There was also one account that Weston thought that his neighbor is using his dish satellite to spy on him. He also believed that the Navy seals are hiding on his corn farm.

Prior to this, Weston allegedly killed their 25 cats because they have fleas. He also went into a 50 day treatment in a mental hospital after threatening someone. He was later released after finding out that he cannot be a danger to himself.

Weston was found not fit to stand a trial because he is mentally incapacitated. The judge recommended that he should be sent into a mental facility to receive treatment.


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