The Werewolf of Defiance

In the year 1972, there were sightings of a creature that resembles the appearance of a wolf in Defiance, Ohio.  There were around three people who seek the help of the police to protect them from the said creature.

August 4, 1972 at 1:24 am when a man approached the police headquarters to report an eerie event about a creature following him from S. Clinton-Hotel Henry.  He admitted that he didn’t saw any presence of the creature but he swore that someone is indeed following him since he can feel its presence.  Police report marked it as a man having hysteria.

But after 10 minutes, the police received a call from a random person saying that her friend is inside their house and suffering a panic attack and that someone tried to break inside their house.  The time of the report is at 2:00 am

Police named the creature, the wolf man and claimed that it is just an offender who wears an animal mask to frighten his victim.  The report caught the attention of the media after a week that prompt the defiance police to take the matter seriously.

The “wolfman” was said to be very hairy and allegedly wears a mask, but there are lots of natural hair that was noticed by those who sighted him.  The two trainmen also reported a sighting of the said werewolf.  They were working in the early morning when the wolfman was sighted and another report from an employee of the local grocery store.

No one knows if the wolfman was apprehended or not.  The issue just died like the other bizarre reports that have been reported in the past.


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