The People of Lou Lan

The fate that happened to the people of Lou Lan continues to be an unsolved puzzle to our scientist for a very long time. The ruins of their inhabited place turns out to be a prosperous and an advanced civilization, no one can literally explain why they had to abandon that place. The Lou Lan city is believed to established during 175 B.C.E., and the civilization is known to continue for at least 8 centuries.

Up to this day, no one knows what happens to the people of the Lou Lan, some are convinced that they were struck by a terrible natural phenomena that wiped them all out. But after around 800 years of prosperity, is it really possible for an entire population of a large city to just disappear in one night? The advance city that was once a cradle of advance civilization became what is now called the Sea of Death.

But there are some artifacts discovered on the city that could shed light on what really happened on the people of Lou Lan. One of the artifacts was a mask that resembles the image of a wolf that started a legend about the Lou Lan. Legend says that the people were given a curse of lycanthropy and were turned into werewolves. The story said that the Lou Lan were cursed by the Gods. There were also some stories saying that the Lou Lan people were originally werewolves, but on one time they decided to take the human form to start a civilization. Eventually the Lou Lan were no longer happy on becoming a human and agreed to revert to their wolf form.


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