Anomalous Biological Entities and Chupacabra

There are rumours that the government already assigned a specific department that analyze and study some unexplained creature.  The ABEs (Anomalous Biological Entities) was believed to be set-up at around 2000-2001 in Texas to tackle issue that surrounds cryptids.    ABEs has also been associated to chupacabra incident, UFO’s and other biological experiments conducted by the U.S. Government.  Some people believe that the trutha bout these cryptids are being covered by the government and the media to prevent a wide spread panic.

The ABEs also grab the interest of the mainstream media, as Inside Edition travelled all the way to Puerto Rico in an attempt to uncover the truth behind ABEs.  There is a rumour that the media team went to Puerto Rico just to mock the whole idea of el chupacabra and to declare that everything is just a fantasy.  The program was said to ridicule the Canavana’s Mayor who is one of the witnesses of the chupacabra.  Though the news program included the capture of two alleged chupacabra by a US Marine and was supposedly held on a secret place, Inside Edition declared that the news about it is highly unreliable and did not possess any strong evidence.

The news about the capture of the el chupacabra was reported by Jorge Martin who has a strong belief on this kind of culture.  He also thinks that a certain gene manipulation made it possible to breathe life to a real life vampire.  He firmly believe that a certain Dr. Tsian Kanchen who work for the USSR government was successful in creating new types of creature with the help of what he called was a “certain bioenergetic signatures”.  Furthermore, he said that Kanchen went to the U.S. when the USSR collapsed.  Kanchen apparently offered his service to the U.S. government

He claimed that one of the chupacabras was wounded by a farmer, but it managed to flee leaving a trail of blood.  He said that those trails of bloods were removed by a group of authorities both U.S. and Puerto Rican.  Martin later said that he was able to get a copy of the analysis and he was certain that it is not comparable to a human blood.

But both of the government denies that any of the statement of Martin was true.  They said that there is no Dr. Kanchen that manipulates genes and no analysis was made to an alleged blood of a chupacabra.  They said that Martin is only making up some stories.  But the news about chupacabra reached the other land.  Sightings on a suspected chupacabra were reported in Texas, Florida, Chile and Brazil between the periods of 1999-2003.  That year the story about ABE and chupacabra caught the interest of the public again.


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