Sasabonsam captured

In 1939, West African Review reported about a captured Sasabonsam.  Sasabonsam was originally a vampire creature of the Ashanti myth though others claimed that it is another name for kongamato.

The newspaper shared their accounts about the killing and the examination of the sasabonsam.  Based on the account, the creature was a humanoid with wings similar to a bat that is attached to its long arms. The wingspan is measured at around 20 ft.  The other description of the creature turns out to be so odd.

It is said to have two short horns located on its head.  The creature hand can also be retracted and it has a nose similar to a human.  It also has a noticeable ridge in the middle of its chest.  The hind legs of the cryptid are described as slim and long, the hair on its head is stiff and it possesses sharp teeth.   Furthermore, they say that the creature is unlike any other creature that we are aware of.

The description of the captured sasabonsam bears a striking similarity to the owlman which was included in an article published on the fall of 1991 in the Strange Magazine 8 by Mark Chorvinsky.


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