Angela de la Barthe

Angela de la Barthe is a deranged woman from Toulouse, France who confessed to the inquisitor that he had a sexual intercourse with the devil that gave birth to a werewolf.  He was placed into trial for being a witch and was put to death by the Inquisitors in the year 1275.  She was the first ever person accused of being a witch to be put to death during the medieval period.

Hugues de Beniols, one of the Inquisitors, accused him for having an alleged sexual relationship with the devil.  She gave birth to 7 years ago prior to her current age of 53 to a creature with a head of a wolf and a tail of snake.  The monster consumes infants which allegedly were killed by Angela de la Barthe or was dug up from the nearby cemetery.  For two years, Angela de la Barthe fed it with babies before it ran away one night.  She also said that she had a constant communication with the Devil and being constantly present during the Sabbat.  She was found guilty and was burned alive at the stake.

Recently, scholars doubted that Angela de la Barthe committed any of those act.  If only Hugues de Beniols would further investigate the matter, he would discover that there were no disappearances recorded during that year within Toulouse.  But nonetheless, the Catholic Church believed her confession that time and was condemned to death.  They believe that Angela was just suffering from mental problem and was discriminated by the community that is why he was suspected of being a witch.

But if it turns out that she really did gave birth to a creature with the head of a wolf, could this be connected to the 30,000 alleged werewolves that were sentenced to die during the period 1520-1630? Considering the lapse in time between the alleged pregnancies of Angela, it is quite possible that the monster may have been successful in creating its own clan.


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