Gandillon Werewolves

Gandillion Werewolves is about a French family of werewolves.  It includes a sister, 2 children, and a brother who terrorized Jura in the form of a werewolf.

The event may have been a case of clinical lycanthropy, since Pernette Gandillion has a delusion that she is a wolf.  One day when she thinks that she’s in a wolf form, she came across a boy and a girl, believed to be siblings, who are picking some strawberries.  Suddenly she felt the urge to attack the children.  She attacked the girl first but the boy was brave and aimed a knife to Pernette. She then attacked the boy, but the boy was successful in inflicting a fatal blow on her neck.  The news about Pernette reached the villagers, they were so angry that they tore the body of Pernette into pieces.

Not long after the said incident, the town’s folk accused his brother of witchcraft.   They believed that he was responsible for kidnapping children and bringing them to the witch.  They also indict him of having the power to shape shift and take the form of a wolf to terrorize the town.  They said that this was possible because of the ointment that he received from the devil.  They also said that Pierre also has the ability to change into a hare, but he usually takes the form of a wolf.

Pierre reportedly recognized the charges, he also sight an instance when he has to kill an animal or a human.  He said that in order for him to return to his human form he has to roll his wolf body into the grass.

George, Pierre’s son also admitted on using the same ointment to become a werewolf.  He said that while on a wolf form he managed to kill two goats. Pierre and George have notable scars all over their body; they believed it was a bite they suffered when they were in a wolf form. 

Pierre’s daughter also confessed about the pact she made with the devil that appeared before her in a form of a black cat.  She said it gave her the power to create hail and attend a gathering of the witches.  The three of them are arrested and put into prison; there were no accounts about them changing into werewolves while inside the jail.  People believe that they do not have the special ointment with them.  The three of them acted like a lunatic inside the cell while constantly howling and acting like wolves.

Not long after they were imprisoned, the three of them were hanged and their remains were burned.


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