Depending on the country, an Aoroi can be a fay or a ghost but both of them possess a similar behavior, they are both a vampiric creature.

In some British area an Aoroi is a type of vampiric fay.  They are born when a warrior dies during the battle prior to his proper time and also when a woman dies while giving birth.  The babies who were born by the deceased mother were believed to become an Aoroi.  Also those babies who died before they even acquired a proper name were deemed as an Aoroi.

During ancient times, these babies were believed to be a bad omen.  They were immediately taken at the outskirts of town after their date of birth have been noted and recorded.    According to the story, these babies cannot be instantly killed as they would only return from the land of the living to haunt and take revenge.  But this Aoroi can be trapped and they believe that the magical ability of the Aoroi can be used by those who can capture him.

While in Ancient Greece, an Aoroi is a term for a vampiric ghost.  The process of creating a Greece Aoroi is the same, those who died an untimely death is fated to become an Aoroi.  Aoroi literally means “Untimely dead”.  Similar to the Aoroi of the British Isles, the Aoroi can be captured and its magical properties proved to be helpful in performing hex and spells.


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