Arif and Farman Ali

On April 15, 2014 the police arrested a cannibal and on a search for another after discovering the head of a boy believed to be three years old.  Mohammad Arif Ali confessed that he cooked a curry out of the boy’s body.  He was arrested after his neighbors complained about the foul stench of a decaying meat coming from the house of Mohammad Arif Ali.  The authorities thought that they might dug up the body of the dead boy in a grave site and cooked it.  They are now searching for his brother Farman who shared the curry with his brother.

During the inquest, Arif confessed that they chopped the body and cooked it but blames the entire incident on his older brother.  The two of them were already jailed back in 2011 for digging up a dead woman’s body and cooking it in the same process.  They were sent to prison for 2 years for cooking the lower limbs of a dead woman.

The man who led the search on the duo’s house shared his experience on the incident that shocked him.  He said that they discovered a pot full of curry soup that is believed to belong to the 24 year old cancer victim.  They also saw an axe with some of the flesh sticking on it.  He said that the image of the corpse with her limps chopped off still gives him the creeps.  The brother later claimed that they have been digging the bodies of the dead and creating a curry out of it for so many years.
The trait of eating a corpse can be related to ghoul traits.


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