Beast of Neffer

The Beast of Neffer of Austria is said to have existed during the 16th Century.  It terrorized the people of the village named Neffer.  The werewolf is said to be so huge that when it walked to the dense forest located at the outskirt of the village, people could already see his head.

A wood cutter went to the forest to cut some woods so that he would be able to sell them to the market and earn a few cash for his family.  While cutting some woods, the woodcutter heard a noise behind him.  He looked back to see what happened but it was dark and he couldn’t see anything.  But when the woodcutter looked up, he saw a massive creature with the head of a wolf.  The werewolf had this evil grin and had her hand outstretched as if it’s trying to reach the woodcutter.

The woodcutter feared for his life and started to run as fast as he can.  He didn’t even dare to look back as he can hear the large stomp of feet at his back.  He must have been ran miles away from his village when finally he can no longer hear the stomp of feet.  He sat down on the grass as he catches his breath.  He tried to focus listening to the woods, there were no more footsteps following him, but instead he can hear the sounds of cry and screams coming from a distant.

He was so scared to go back to his village using the path to the woods.  So he made a long travel of using the main road that is outside the edge of the forest.  When finally he was able to return to his village, he was astounded to see that the village was reduced to ruins.  The houses has been demolished, and the mutilated bodies of the villagers including his family and friend were left on the ground.  Every single one of the villagers has been brutally murdered by the Neffer Werewolf.


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