Arikara’s Headless Warrior

It was on the night of 1872 when a group of people watched how a medicine man of Arikara tribe as he whacked the head of a warrior that is on the platform.  People who witness the incident were so shocked that some of them fainted and lose their consciousness.  Others ran out of the area to escape the horror that is going inside the venue.

Some of them who stayed saw how the medicine man picked the head on the ground.  The medicine man walked around the guest as if boasting to them the head of the warrior that he just slashed.  Then the unthinkable happened, the medicine man raised the headless warrior, he placed the decapitated head on the trunk of the headless warrior while chanting some words that only he can understand.  The witness testified that they saw the headless warrior walked. 

Among those spectators were American Soldiers who came for the purpose of seeing the medicine man do his wonders.   The Soldiers walked near the warrior to examine it, they were astonished to see that there were no markings of wound on the area that the saber passes.   The macabre moment that was happening before, appears as though it never happened.  But the blood pool on the floor tells otherwise.

The history of the Arikara tribe and their bizarre rituals has been documented in the history of mankind.  Their method and culture were beyond human comprehension and up to this day science still failed to explain those event.

It’s as if this tribe has the ability to create the real zombie that those Haitian people failed in creating.  Up to this day, that tribe has been inviting people to witness their bizarre ritual.


-Brad Steiger Real Zombies, the Living Dead and Creature of the Apocalypse.


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