Anito where the ancient tribe used to pray to give them a good harvest is different from this vampire spirit also known as Mamangkiks.  Anito is just one of the vampire spirits in the Philippines.   Unlike other vampires who reanimate corpses and manifest like a human being, this vampire will rise from its grave the form of a gaseous vapor.  This creature is also known to be bounded only on the areas around its grave and doesn’t venture away from it.  But legends say that anyone who tries to enter his territory will be instantly attacked.

The Anito will cling into his victim allowing himself to be inhaled.  Once inside the body of his victim, he will give him illness.  The victim will not be consumed but boils will start to appear all over his body.  The disease will take over the victim until it spread into his lungs.

Those who become a victim of the anito have a little chance to survive especially the children.  Though it is known to be territorial, its vengeful spirit can be appeased by offering fruits on top of its grave.  If one is also planning to pass a territory that is believed to be guarded by an anito, he needs to sing a chant in order to be protected. The chant goes like “Honored spirit, please step aside, I am just passing through.”

Though it was never known to suck blood or feed on the flesh of human being, it was classified as a vampire spirit due to the fact that it can spread diseases.  Vampire beings are known to have the ability to spread plague which is one of the ability of the Anito.


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