Aripa Satanai

Aripa Satani belongs to a vampiric race in the lore of Romania.  According to the legends, the creature usually takes the appearance of an old woman that sits in the entrance of a nearby cemetery or lurking on the crossroads.

The Aripa Satania would appear to be a helpless old woman and lure her victims deep into the woods of Transylvania where her kingdom is said to be located.  The Aripa Satania would then transform to her true form and attack those unsuspecting travelers who believed in her promises.  Aripa Satanai is said to be the “Queen of the Forest” and bears a striking resemblance to the old gypsy who warned Jonathan Harker in the novel written by Bram Stroker, Dracula.

The creature’s hunger is said to be insatiable.  When the woods in the Romania can no longer provide a shade for them to transform on their original form, the vampire would strike a nearby village at night.  She will assume the form of an old woman mourning or a gorgeous woman dressed in red.

Legends did not specify on how to vanquish the vampire, but they were believed to be vulnerable to river water that caused them to drown.  Despite of its characteristic, the attack of the Aripa Satania doesn’t always succeed.  If someone manages to reveal its true identity, it will reveal all the secrets of the forest, including herbs that can cure any type of disease and potions that can drive away blood sucking creatures.

In some legends, the Aripa Satania is described as a half old woman and a half bear.  It is known to be bloodthirsty and controls all the evil lurking in the forest.


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