Conde Estruch

Conde Estruch is about a wealthy Catalan whose real name is believed to be Arnald Estruc or Wifred Estruc.  The legend about him started on the 12th Century.

During the reign of King Alfonso II, he was keen on eradicating paganism and witchcraft.  He vowed to fight against these practices which oppose Christianity.  He ordered Arnald Estruch to go to the Llers castle and see what he can do to dissolve the witch craft and paganism tradition in the Alt Emporda.  However, during his fight against the said culture, the Count died.  It was said that the Count lived a life full of sin.  Though he is a Christian and he is fighting the not so Christian practices, Count Arnald Estruch was said to be wicked and vile.  Having these characteristic was believed to be a possibility of turning into an undead creature.

And true to their superstitious belief, it was said that the Count rise from its grave as a vampire.  The villagers blamed the misfortunes that are happening in the town to the Count.  They claimed that they saw the Count feed on the blood of the people.  They also said that they were sexually assaulted by the Count and other instances where they have been impregnated.  Interestingly, these women who were impregnated by the count would suffer a miscarriage or their child would turn out to be dead.

Conde Estruch reign of terror lasted for long years, until a nun claimed that he was able to kill the suspected vampire.  There were also some stories that a Jewish hermit put a rest to the terror of the Count.  The accounts of the story cannot be distinguished if it is a myth or a true story.  But the supposed castle where the Count resides was destroyed during the Spanish civil War.


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