Annis is a vampiric sorceress who means pure or virginal.  It is also known as Ana, Blue Hag,  Befind , Benie etc.  The legends of the vampiric sorceress can be traced back to the day that the Scotland and Ireland was founded.

Scotlands is said to be a country named after this being.    The name Scota where the name of the Scotland originated used to be called Caledonia literally means “lands given by Cailech”.  During those times, Annis was still called Cailech. In the Arthurian legend, Annis was known as Annowre.  She was one of the most popular vampiric sorceress that people was able to preserve her image and converted her into a St. Anna, (daughter of St. Joseph of Arimathea).  Annis has so many names throughout the history of mankind that it is almost impossible to list them all.

According to the legends, Annis has a shape shifting ability that enables her to take the appearance of an owl.  There are also legends saying that she has a healing ability and control the weather.  She can also conduct ceremony and grant wisdom to those who seek her aid.  In the past she was treated as a goddess, honored as a saint and despised as a demon.

There were so many tales and legends about Annis.  Country has been named after her.  But in every legend there seems to be collectively stating that Annis loves to consume the blood of the children.


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