Asha Degree

What could make a 9 year old girl from leaving her room in the middle of the night that would lead to her mysterious disappearance?  Fourteen years later the case of Asha Degree remains to be a case that baffles us.

It was during the Valentine’s Day of 2000 when her parents went to her room to wake her up and they discovered that their daughter was not in sight.  Apparently, Asha shared a room with his brother who also has no idea of what happened to his sister.

A witness claimed that he saw a young girl that match the description of Asha walking on the highway at around 4:00 am.  It seems like Asha left the house on her own free will.  Authorities claimed that the action of Asha might be inspired by a story that she is currently studying.  The story is about going in an adventure after running away.  But then the case started to get more bizarre as one by one the things of Asha started to show up.

Approximately 3 days after she went missing her hair bow, marker and pencil were discovered in a doorway of a shed which is around one mile away from their home.  After one and a half year her book bag appeared 26 miles away.  The book bag contains more of her personal belongings and was wrapped in a double plastic trash bags which is deliberately done to conceal it.

What happened to Asha is still unknown, what made her leave her room that night and who might she had crossed path with.


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