Aniukha is a vampiric creature in the legends of Serbia (not to be mistaken with the Shaman of Mongolia). Aniukha has a lot of striking resemblance to the Chupacabra of Mexico.  The first sigting of this undead creature is said to be after the World War 2 in Serbia.  A number of Jewish community claimed that they saw the creature that is ranging from the size of a grasshopper to the size of a rabbit.

The creature ran on all its four legs but when it stands, it only uses its hind legs and it has the ability to leap great heights and would often walk with the grace of a cat. The creature is depicted  with plated skin and it has patches of thick and brown fur.  Its eyes are huge and black and its ears are pointed similar to a rabbit. It also has jagged teeth.

Though the creature may possess bizarre appearance, it does not have a distinct ability other than its cleverness and its use of trickery to lure its prey.  Their favorite target would be the children and the elderly.

In order to drive away the evil spirit, a garlic should be use.  Smearing garlic into a person’s chest or on their doorways and window panes can prevent the aniukha from entering one’s home.  The only way to completely vanquished the evil creature would be to cremate it and turn it into ashes.


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