Bennington Triangle

Bennington Triangle is a name given to an area in Vermont wherein a total of five people mysteriously disappeared within the period of 5 years, these includes Middie Rivers,  Paula Welden,  James Tedford, Paul Jepson and Frieda Langer.

Middie Rivers, 74 years of age was reported missing on November 12, 1945.  He was reportedly out for a hunting trip.  Since Rivers was familiar with the area, he served as a guide for a group of hunters.  On their way back, Rivers went ahead and was never seen again.  Authorities conducted a thorough search but the only trace they could find was a single cartridge of a rifle.

In 1946, the most baffling disappearance in Bennington triangle happened.   Paula Welden, 18 years old disappeared on the 1st of December, 1946.  She told her friends that she’s going on a hike, she even invited the others but they all declined.  Many people recounted seeing Paula Welden that afternoon; at 4:00 pm she passed by a man who allegedly asked her “how far the trail went”.  Paula Welden was never seen again.  The most puzzling piece was Sarah is aware that it is going to snow that night and she seems undressed and unprepared for the chilling weather.

In 1949, James Tedford went missing, It was on December 1, 1949, exactly 3 years after the disappearance of Paula Welden.  Tedford just mysteriously vanished while he was on his way home through a local bus.  Witnesses reported that Tedford was still in the bus at the last stop before Bennington.  Something happened between the last bust stop and Bennigton that made him disappear. His luggage and belongings is still in the rack.

Two separate case of a missing person happened there on 1950.  Paul Jepson vanished on October 12, 1950.  Blood hounds tracked the boy to a highway where Paula Jepsen disappeared.  On October 28 of the same year Freida Langer, 53 disappeared.  The authorities launched a massive search operation on the area but they were unable to find her.  On May of 1951 her body was discovered on the area where the authorities launched a search.  The manner of her death could not be identified due to the state of the body.


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