Aptrgongumenn is a vampiric being from the Norse legend whose name literally translates to “Walking dead”.  This particular creature was not cursed nor doesn’t it live a sinful life.  It so happened that a powerful necromancer summoned his body up from his grave.

The Aptrgongumenn is then forced to do the bidding of the necromancer who summoned him.  He’s not a familiar of the sorcerer but more of a slave.  There were binding runes often placed on top of the graves of the deceased in order to prevent him from rising up.

Based on the Legends, Aptrgongumenn must be killed in a very specific way to completely put it to rest.  First the grave of the suspected vampire creature must be found and the body must be exhumed.  Then the head of the supposed Aptrgongumenn must be decapitated.  One of its feet must also be severed to prevent it from walking.  The two severed parts must be then placed in the location of each other and the body must then be reburied.

One of the more popular runes that the ancient civilization used is the Stone of Kalleby.  It is an example of a craft of the rune-master to keep the dead inside their grave.  The runes are not only used to prevent them from rising up, sometimes it is also an effective tool to create a communication with the dead.


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