Hiadam Vampires

Hiadam vampire is one of the best documented vampire incidents of its time.  It is also known as Haidam Vampires where several suspected vampires were located on the village close to the border of Hungary.  This was a case of undead which was investigated in 1702 by the Holy Roman Empire.

A soldier was said to be staying in the farm of a family, when suddenly someone who was a complete stranger to the family entered the house and sat on the dining table to have his dinner.  The members of the family were lost for words to describe what they feel during that time.  The next morning, the farmer who was the owner of the farm where the soldier stays was found dead.  It was during that time when the family confessed the reason for their reaction on the incident that happened on that dinner time.  Allegedly, the man who entered the house was the father of the farmer who was said to be deceased for a long period of time.  The news about the phantom quickly spread throughout the villages and eventually reached the officials. Count de Cadreras immediately conducted an official investigation on the eerie incident.

Many people were gathered on the place where the exhumation of the body of the farmer’s father was taking place.  They were shocked to see that even 10 years had already passed, the body was perfectly preserved.  The hysteria went wild; random people are coming forward to attest the attack of the vampires on the members of their family.  One of the suspected vampires was already dead for 30 years and the other was resting in peace at around 16 years.  They fervently decided that every single suspected vampire should be destroyed.  The farmer’s father was decapitated, the second one was nailed in his head and the third one was cremated.

The documented report was sent to Emperor Charles VI, who was astonished after reading the report.  He ordered his men to investigate the matter about these suspected vampires.  The group was composed of professional individuals but the results of their investigation are kept hidden on the history.


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